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Security Alarm System 

Keep Safe your home 

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Jenix Electronic Door lock Access Control system

Access Control System 

Lets make controlled gate entry for home office 

Any Access Control System Consists Following ..

  1. Electronic Door Lock or Drawer Lock
  2. Door Access Controller - either by Biometric finger or face control , remote operated door lock , exit button operated , Key operated , password operated , RFID card or tag operated door lock , mobile app operated door lock , audio door phone operated, video door phone operated
  3. Power Supply for door lock and access controller , SMPS based power supply or transformer power supply for door lock , timer delay power supply (K80), micro controller power supply ,
  4. Door Lock accessories - that includes EM lock Bracket , U bracket for frame less glass door , ZL bracket for Aluminum door , L bracket for aluminum or wooden frame , rainwater cover
  5. Exit button, RFID card , thin RFID card, Thick RFID card, mifare card , tag 1Khz RFID card tag, 125Khz RFID card tag, contact less exit button , steel button

Using these 5 Items any type of home office door gate entry can be controlled .

Beside this there could be personalized drawer access control for this RFID drawer lock, Biometric drawer lock,  feedback based cabinet drawer lock , solenoid cabinet lock

CCTV Camera

Surveillance Security System 

Safe way to keep watch on your valuables 

Surveillance system is made of 6 important components like.

  1.  CCTV Camera - CCTV Camera could be any any type like AHD camera , IP Camera , analog camera , audio video camera , coaxial Audio camera 
    1. CCTV camera can be classified based on its resolution like 1MP , 2MP , 3MP , 4MP , 5MP up to 8MP camera 
    2. Based on Lens it could be 4mm CCTV camera , 6mm , 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and lens could be up to 36x zoom camera 
    3. Color night vision camera , AI face capture camera , number plate camera are new type of latest technology development in this field.
  2. Video Recorder - a video recorder that consist surveillance hard disk and storage of all video footage , it could be DVR or XVR , NVR based on how many camera ( called channels) be connected they are called as 4 channel DVR XVR NVR , 8 channel or 8ch DVR / XVR/ NVR 16ch , 32ch, 64ch.
  3. Power supply - to power the cctv camera SMPS type power supply needed or POE switch power over ethernet switch are used to power IP cctv camera
  4. Wire - Wire could be RG6 or 3+1 Coaxial cable of cat6 or cat5 standard cables 
  5. Connectors - to connect Camera to DVR / XVR/ NVR via wire special kind of BNC DC RJ45 type of connector required
  6. Hard Disk  - Surveillance type of  special kind of hard disk needed that comes in the rating of 1TB , 2TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB most popular use 1TB surveillance hard disk that is sufficient to store 4 HD or IP camera ( 2 to 5MP) recording up to 18 days to 24 days.   

CCTV Camera

Smart Home Automation 

Lets Control Home Appliances, Tube light , fan , light , TV , AC , Geyser   

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